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Shelves/Plasma Stand



Wide selection of top quality European plasma stands and storage solutions

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Pianca - Spazio Composition - QS

Pianca - People C Bench TV Base - SALE

Pianca - People C Bench + Wall Unit - SALE

Pianca - People Wall System 909

Armobil - Wall Composition 3

Armobil - Wall Composition 10

Pianca - Spazio Wall Units

Pianca - People Wall System 918

Pianca - People Wall System 912

Pianca - People Wall System 926

Alivar - Kubit Sideboard

Ara Classico - Chest

Ara Noce - Chest

Ara Bianco - Chest

Pixel Credenza

Ara - Plasma Stand

Ara - Plasma Stand #2

Ara - Low Plasma Stand #3

Senso - Wall System #1

Senso - Wall System #2

Cine Plasma Stand

Tonin Casa - #6251 Bookcase

Tonelli - Psiche Plasma and Storage System

ARA - Bookcase

Bontempi Casa - Aly HiFi Storage Unit

Tonelli - Plasmatik Plasma Stand

BFM - Monte Carlo Wall Unit #1

Tonin Casa - #6433 Bookcase

Tonin Casa - #7240 Bookcase

Armobil - Diamond Plasma Stand

Senso - Plasma Stand 2

Tonin Casa - Venice Plasma Stand

Tonin Casa - #6432 Bookcase

Bonaldo - Vision Plasma Stand

Bontempi Casa - Voila Plasma Shelf

Tonelli - Broadway Large Sideboard

Bonaldo - Parentesi Bookcase

Bonaldo - Babel Bookcase

Tonelli - Mondovisione Plasma Stand

Armobil - Nightfly Entertainment System (White, Ebony, Black)

Alivar - Wavy

Alivar - Shanghai Bookcase

Alivar - Off-Shore Wall Unit

Tetris Wall Unit #1

Tetris Wall Unit #2

Tetris Wall Unit #3

Corano - Wall Unit #1

Corano - Wall Unit #2

ARA - Floating Plasma Stand - SALE

Ostino - Wall Unit #1

Ara Nero - Chest

Ara Ebano - Chest

Tonelli - Transistor Bookcase

Tonelli - Cling

Tonelli - Brama Glass Bookcase

Tonelli - Liber Bookcase, Nightstant, Buffet

Gamma - Boulevard Shelf Unit

Antonello - Aberta Bookcase

Antonello - Gil Bookcase

Antonello - River Bookcase

Antonello - Bit Plasma Stand

Antonello - Daniel Plasma Stand

Antonello - Matrix Plasma Stand

Antonello - Odeon Plasma Stand

Antonello - Tecno Plasma Stand

Antonello - Vision Plasma Stand

Antonello - Plaza Bookcase

Antonello - Spinnaker Bookcase/TV Stand

Tonelli - Bungalow Plasma Stand

Tonelli - Como Basso Plasma Stand

Tonelli - Curtain Wall Plasma Stand

Tonelli - Flo Plasma Stand

Tonelli - Grattacielo Fix Plasma Stand

Tonelli - Pallet Plasma Stand

Tonelli - Plasmatik Plasma Stand

Tonelli - Scenario Plasma Stand

Tonelli - Broadway Bookcase

Tonelli - Chicane Glass Bookshelf

Tonelli - Dazibao Bookcase

Tonelli - Lala Glass Bookshelf

Tonelli - Lighterie Bookcase

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