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5 Innovative Home Office Solutions for Small Spaces

When it comes to work, space is essential. Ideally, you'd want a dedicated place to sit and work quietly, with enough shelves for storage, a charging station and proper lighting. But what if you dwell inside an apartment where space is limited and every room, occupied? Fortunately, with the right furniture and a dash of creativity, you can optimize a small corner and use it as your home office. 
One clue to creating a home office is knowing exactly what you need. Scout a space in your home where plan to carve out your personal nook. Do this before you shop for furniture. Every meter is essential; you can make use of untapped walls, corners by the door, a hallway, or even your bedroom. From there, consider your furniture: narrow tables, makeshift shelves and built-in storages.
Function is important, but how about aesthetics? Here are some tips on how you can harmoniously fit your space-saving home office into the rest of your interiors:
Struggling to fit a desk? Maybe you don't have to. There are many ways to infuse your working table with the rest of your furniture in order to make the room less crowded. One example: this stunning bookcase from Italian brand Turati T4 comes with a desk extension, allowing you to work closely with your files while retaining your room's organized philosophy. 


For those who have one to spare, converting a closet into an office is a brilliant idea. This allows you to maximize underused parts of your home and tuck things away when not needed. In this spirit, furniture maker Pianca managed to incorporate two essential items in one unique creation. Inserting a desk in the cabinetry allows you to gain privacy at work, or your children during study time. The best part? The design seamlessly blends into the room's overall aesthetic with its natural tone.



Switching up your furniture can help you rediscover a room, opening up the square footage and re-center the space to make it feel airier. Alternatively, this block system from Tumidei allows you to configure a room into a variety of uses, from an entertainment area, a living room or your very own bed. This model includes a wardrobe, a built-in desk, shelves, and a lot of possibilities for maximizing your space. 


Narrow, low-profile workstations can be integrated anywhere with proper shelving, even a multi-media component. In this brilliant innovation by Turati T4, your home office is slated just beside a TV wall system, equipped with a seamless desk, LED-lit shelves and a charging station. Not only does this add a decorative flair to the entire interior, but it also utilizes simple, unexpected corners into your own office. 



Bedrooms work nicely as home offices as they give you undisturbed privacy. Whether it is a guest's or your very own, you can implement a workstation with a cunning configuration. Tumidei's Tiramolla is a smart idea that bridges the gap between sleep and study, with a pull-out desk that reveals the bed underneath. When not in use, push the bed under the desk, or vice versa. The concept also includes a wardrobe and a line of shelves for your personal storage. 



There are many ways to incorporate a home office in small spaces. With these modern solutions, you can enjoy working at your own privacy, without diminishing style and function

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