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9 Innovative Yet Timeless Mirrors with Exquisite Style


Like magic, mirrors can dramatically transform a room in many ways, perhaps nothing less than what fables use to say. One may not uncover who the fairest of the land is, but it could visually expand corners while dousing the space with bright light. Smaller rooms can benefit from this design philosophy. Bigger rooms can employ it as an artwork, bearing what it reflects. Tall, floor-length mirrors emphasize width and height, breaking up the visual clutter. Hallway mirrors allow you to gape at your full wardrobe before leaving the home. 
More than a looking glass, mirrors have become an essential part of the modern design which breathes more air inside the space. There is no shortage of luxury in a good, timeless mirror; much more in these nine handpicked choices for you.


Impact. Smooth, clean frameless lines make a mirror timeless, but this one from Reflex takes it a notch further. The gold accent streak, a gorgeous companion to a table, shines from the distance, emphasized with an optional LED lighting to amplify dimensions.


Titanium. Endowing you with the sense of time, Titanium takes you to a nostalgic world where old grandfather clocks beat with a wonder. A perfect centerpiece to bring symmetry to any contemporary interior, find it in rugged blue notes or gold marble.


Impact Supersilver. This breath-taking piece of art mimics the appearance of metal slowly wilting under fire; thus, curiously producing curves, textures and shapes as the light hit upon its magnificent frame. Beckoning with modern industrial glamour, this steel-enclosed glass is a great addition to your room's creative vision.
Luce. Simple, elegant, yet not anything boring, this mirror immediately makes a statement with its clean lines and a surprising twist as lights softly glow underneath its "scratch" design.


Quartz. A trail of oddly-shaped glass strongly framed in vibrant colours, geometrically emphasized for a chic, contemporary flavour. This is perfect for offbeat, asymmetric designs.


Seventy. The pronounced round shape of this centerpiece mirror is a true stunner. Mimicking raindrops, this set of mirrors will surely bring you zen.
Prisma Mirror TV. Elegant in form, future-forward in concept. This mirror television works two ways: to entertain and to uphold your design philosophies with its optional LED lighting system and gorgeous frame.



Luce Mirror: Another true masterpiece offered by Moderne Living, the Luce Mirror speaks volumes about elegance, taste and deep-rooted sleekness. The options are varied, and include rectangular, circular, and square designs. Whatever your choice, however, you can be sure that this mirror will turn into a true statement piece in your rooms – wherever you decide to place it.


Prisma Mirror with TV: Surround your room with a gallery of light and the lushness of life, as reflected by Reflex Specchio. Majestically framed and finished, mirrors are cut in different sizes.  Inside the frame you can install TV for additional viewing pleasures. 



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