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Bespoke Wardrobe Design Rules


Clothes make the man, and in a similar way, a great wardrobe affects the overall function and aesthetics of your personal sanctuary. Free-standing wardrobes easily serve their purpose: to provide quick, hassle-free storage to your clothing and accessories. Tailor-made walk-ins allow you to make full use of your space; it offers a tailored look and let you choose the design and details to match your needs and routine. To discover which one suits your current needs, here are some notes to follow: 
Larger is not better. In fact, bigger closets give off a hefty presence in the room, ending up in wasting much-needed space. Instead of indulging in one or more, find out if you will require a walk-in wardrobe. This may come off as a surprise, but two smaller walk-ins may even provide more wall space compared to a single closet. 



Measurement matters. Not every room can have the same wardrobe system. Smaller ones, for example, could benefit from step-in or reach-in closets. However, it must be noted that all closets, whatever their use, should be 24” deep. Shelves, on the other hand, should be at least 16” deep. Nothing should be higher than 96”; hanging items for ladies should be within 80.5” and for men, 85.5”. This is to ensure that your storage space is not too cramped or cluttered. 
Look into variety. Closets shouldn’t only come with a single cabinet design. Make sure it comes with a combination of shelves, accessory drawers, double hanging and long hanging spaces. If you are a shoe lover, install a shoe rack module to organize high quantity of footwear.


Placement is important. When opting for a walk-in, make sure to install it near the bathroom for convenient access. If you have enough room, we recommend installing an island; this versatile storage comes in handy when it comes to organizing your beloved accessories, jewelries and hats.
Install doors wisely. Don't block the interior by choosing to add a door that swings inward. Also, avoid using bi-folding doors in smaller rooms, as it allows limited access to clothing. At best, frame closet doors toward the center of the entry wall. 
A good wardrobe will not only give you ease in your daily routine, but it will also increase your property’s value. Buyers, most especially females, consider this as a lavish treat, especially when well-made. Thus, it is important to choose the right product to install in your room. Ventilated spaces, melamine-finished-closets ad adjustable systems are important factors to your wardrobe.
Here at Moderne Living, we believe in bespoke choices and that it doesn't have to come with a hefty price. That's why we have curated various lines of wardrobes ranging from inexpensive to high-end, so you can find options that will fit your budget. Our desire for luxury never wanes, and we have handpicked each item from 
Italy, giving your rooms a Premium European flavor, minus the cost of California Closets. 



Take a look at Cornice, a chic series of closets shining with their lacquered finish made to complement any modern room. Its interiors are equipped with various fittings to ensure that all your storage needs are covered, from glass fronts to accessory drawers.

On the other side of the spectrum is Avenue, a walk-in closet that radiates with luxury and function, endowed with light-installed closets and shelves in wood paneling. Drawers and hives are suspended to maximize the space, and the entire width and height can be customized according to your liking. 
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