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Classic Marble Tables for Timeless Interiors

The understated beauty of marble has long been admired by kings and queens – from the grand coliseums of Rome to the opulent palace of Taj Mahal. This luxurious stone, derived from the metamorphic result of limestone, contains a variety of minerals: micas, quartz and pyrite, making it more expensive than other metamorphic rocks. When carved skillfully by master craftsmen, a marble furniture results to a sought-after centerpiece that brings lushness to every space. Who wouldn't fall in love with its soft colors, fine streaks, and perfectly glossy surface? 
Minimalist yet luxurious, marble is the perfect choice for interiors with timeless aesthetics. Indulge in your own kind of kingship; treat your favorite personal spaces with a marble table for that classic charm. 



Board Square Table 
This decisively-square table exudes chic, contemporary elegance that will surely quell your aesthetic cravings. Made by Alivar, the Board model is made with heat-treated or lacquered oak before being opulently topped with marble. The contrasting colors, the slender make and rounded edges will appeal to even the picky designer. Graceful in features and function, this item is a great way to start furnishing your home with marble. 


Liuto Table 
Sharp and eye-catching, the slender look of this table is due to its chrome-plated or die-cast aluminum body, expanding up to 3 meters in length, making it the perfect choice for conference rooms or your private dining space. The four sleek legs carry the smooth board marble top (which can be alternatively interchanged into crystal, walnut, or heat-treated oak). Feast your eyes on its lightweight silhouette, which can easily harmonize with modern spaces.


Radar Table
A sleek offering in tasteful white, this marble table from Alivar is made to complement private nooks and sanctuaries. The captivating base is made from steel elements that form a central ellipse, magnificently holding its marble top. Underneath, the cast iron secures the entire design. Adore this table in its perfect glossy surface and decorate it with your favorite vases and trinkets.



Fix Table
Made by Pinuccio Borgonovo for Busnelli, the Fix Table is a gorgeous dining table that shines with character – thanks to its interesting structure. The base is made with a diagonal cross set of feet, made to support the gorgeous marble top. The streaks across the board is like subtle art, adding a dash of color across its broody dark tone. A perfect accompaniment to edgy, contemporary spaces, this table showcases the beauty of the darker tones of marble.



Keel Table
The essential dining table is a marriage of contrasting elements: the glossy, sleek appearance of marble, perched atop the thick, chunky legs of solid oak. The dark tone shines with the golden streaks across the table, adding more personality to its overall charm. The rectangular shape easily accommodates a few more seats; otherwise, enjoy this one-of-a-kind furniture in your personal sanctuary as your private desk. 
Durable, timeless and effortlessly elegant, a marble table may just be the thing your interior needs. Looking for more marble tables? Visit our store and browse our well-curated furniture for luxury and living. 

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