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Good Hospitality: Convertible Wall Bed from Tumidei

This wall bed, part of the On-Off collection from Tumidei, is a stylish and functional convertible bed that stores inside a beautifully clean bookcase wall. The space efficiency of the wall bed combined with its modern design makes this product ideal for any urban living space. Instead of cluttering a room with an air mattress or causing discomfort for your guests as they sleep on the couch, become the pinnacle of good hospitality by inviting them into this perfectly comfortable and space efficient wall bed. Turn your living area into a bedroom with the wall bed from Tumidei.


At first glance, you can see a sleek and modern wall with an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of bookshelves. Against the wall sits an elegantly modern, yet comfortably inviting, fabric sofa. For studio apartments, this system is ideal for making the most out of the space you have while securing the amenities you need for inviting guests over to visit.


To activate the wall bed, first, easily glide the foot of your Tumidei sofa seat out to flatten the sofa into an under-bed support. Next, pull the wall bed down over the flattened sofa cushions. Finally, secure the bed in place, arrange sheets and pillows, and admire the sleek elegance and convertible functionality of the Tumidei wall bed. When the wall bed is opened, LED lights can be turned on to provide the ideal amount of softly sufficient, glowing light. This feature allows for nighttime reading at any hour or makes for the perfect nightlight for a child who may be afraid of the dark. Additionally, Tumidei offers two types of headboards: padded cushion or flat cushion.


The Tumidei sofa itself is highly customizable. Choose among six different end units for the sofa, whether that may be a side table with an underlying bookshelf, a thicker and more traditional armrest, a thinner armrest, or a more modern look with no armrest at all. There is even the option of incorporating an armrest that opens up into a lift-up tablet desk for writing, reading, or dining. You can also choose to include a simple ottoman footrest that opens up into a spacious storage area for books, blankets, pillows, etc. That all being said, you may even choose to simply include the ottoman itself instead of a full sofa for a tighter and more space efficient arrangement.


With the wall bed from Tumidei’s On-Off collection, you can make the most out of a modular system that rethinks the idea of convertible functionality. As is the motto of On-Off, using the wall bed is truly as simple as turning on the light.

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