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Innovative Leather Solutions: Salone del Mobile 2019 News

Innovation set against revival: this 2019, Salone del Mobile gives a new meaning to rehashing old inspirations and forming new ones. There is no holding back. Its entire run, from 9th to 14th of April, showcased the best of the present-day furniture design – delivering fresh concepts, mimicking old luxuries. Kept inside more than 200,000 square meters of exhibition, 2,000 brands found a temporary home at the Milan Fairgrounds, where known names – among them, Zaha Hadid, John Pawson, Renzo Piano – displayed their fine works with emerging designers 
Global design aficionados gather in this exclusive, invitation-only event. However, one cannot keep the news in, especially when it comes to beautiful furniture. It was more than a visual feast; the Salone was a network of creative consciousness which binds artisans from all over the world, and, most especially, Italy. 
If there was any guarantee in the trade fair, it was the Instagram-worthy set designs. Booths communicated the value of fine interiors – luxury, after all, is comfort rather than a lifestyle. To some avid blogger, it was a perfect social media backdrop to invoke envy. To others, it could be a glimpse of their future dream home. Whatever the case, one can uncover new ideas from the Salone – where trends are found and made. A few things, however, don’t change. 
Among them: leather. 
Leather seating has been among the classic mainstays of the Salone. One will always be drawn to a glorious Memphis or a curious postmodernist. The material, always chic and timeless, has become a centrepiece to many rooms – may it be a boutique, an office, or your very own living room. 
Cierre Imbottiti embodied leather in its very core. The Italian brand traces its legacy to fine craftsmanship of the material, always discovering new ways to create aesthetically-elegant furniture without losing its function. Leather is far more than its visual appeal; it represents strength and endurance, only woven with high-quality tailoring and attention to detail. 
Still bearing the spirit of a traditional workshop, the brand reunites the new and the old: antique materials to innovative shapes and solutions that will make one’s life more pleasurable. Among the brand’s highlights in this year’s Salone del Mobile:
Frank Sofa
A plush cloud armchair in matte grey, endowed with clean lines and low seating that accommodates three persons comfortably. The sleek look finds a home in every masculine space, incorporating a gentlemanly vibe to your personal sanctuary. It is not all appearance; inside lies a secret. An electric motor is built into the piece, allowing it to adjust the back and transform into a recliner for three. This offers further comfort as you bask into your theatre entertainment. Use this function hassle-free with a remote control, or for the gadget-loving homeowner, a phone app.


Carlton Sectional
Made with a two-tone colour finish, a leather nabuk material and plump cushions and rest, this sectional is a great way to define an area - whether it is a casual working space or a personal nook. The adjustable sofa makes it a versatile furniture for urban homeowners eager to maximise their spaces. Blessed with a neutral shade, it could seamlessly harmonise with the rest of the interiors without overtaking the balance. A perfect item for lovers of comfort, clean lines and flexible shapes.


Bohème Armchair
Also crafted from nabuk leather, the Bohème armchair is a gift to every contemporary space. The thick rest that generously wraps the chair is wrought from an earthen shade that matches the neutral colours of the seats. Anthracite-covered legs finish the well-balanced look, eagerly pleasing you from its aesthetics, to its function. The armchair comes with a low or high back option, with customizations to suit your panache. 

Zed Table
A rounded-square table wrought from Canaletto walnut, Cierre Imbottiti transforms this wooden masterpiece by finishing the edge with leather setanil 78. A contrast in textures, a lovely emphasis on its natural colours. This piece eagerly accommodates 6 seating, best paired with the Bohème chairs. Clean, minimal and aesthetically sound, this table impeccably suits dining rooms and offices.

Adam Bed
Invite sweet dreams with this extravagant bed, masterfully pieced together in soft blue and brown colours. The headboard forms a stunning divider - in itself, an art piece - while the bed comfortably accommodates your body as you take your precious slumbers. Made from natural velour, one can only admire the soft touch, the large chunks of quilt, and its pleasurable mattress. Enjoy this item with its matching components: a leather nightstand and a season armchair, also in leather.
Eden Bed
A paradise in itself, Cierre Imbottiti indulges you with a luxury of cosiness, colours and light. The bed itself is wrapped with 180 leather setanil 97, paired with a monet rocking-chair leather in natural velour. Underneath, anthracite-covered legs cradle the bed you firmly. As an added luxury, one has the option to integrate a matching nightstand and sideboard, both wrapped in leather and equipped with LED lights that vibrantly illuminate the room whenever you need it.
Cierre’s plush chairs, cushions and beds wrapped in leather are a treat – one may only feel like a king. And with modern innovations integrated into each fine work, leather still remains strong, whatever the trend, whatever the season.

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