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Italian Furniture - Pininfarina Home Collection


      Pininfarina is the most iconic name in design world. From automotive design such as Ferreri, Maserati and BMW, to transportation design, including aviation and yacht, to architecture, to industrial design such as 2006 Torino Olympics torch, Pininfarina is a symbol of Italian style for over 80 years. Pininfarina Home Design represents a journey into the Home Space. For the first time, to imagine and realize solutions for interiors with a unique and distinctive character, in which the design of the space naturally marries the personality of the furniture. A journey made of design, innovation, custom-tailoring, luxury, Italian style.

      Pininfarina Home Design is the company’s foray into the interior design industry. The concept behind this enterprise is to introduce innovative solutions for home designing that would match the contemporary aesthetic and sensibilities. As with all Pininfarina products, their home design line features a uniquely distinctive character. Each item is imbued with the utmost personality and is custom-tailored to define an innovative Italian aesthetic.

Pininfarina wanted to undertake an original and neoteric approach to interior design with their newest subsidiary. Here is what they want to accomplish with their designs:

·  To imagine and realize solutions that offer a unique and individualistic flavor to typical interior designs.

·  To explore newer, more innovative solutions for unprecedented scenarios that will arrive in the future.

·  To combine heritage into a rather futuristic aesthetic – a fine blend of ‘what-is’ with ‘what-might-be.’

·  Integrating the chicken-and-egg dilemma of form and function into one neat package.

·  To give shape to spaces conceived for a contemporary lifestyle.

·  To introduce customization, luxury and an inherent Italian heritage into the spaces of future.

·  To create a valuable experience for the customers and savoir faire for the international partners.





      Segno Dining Table with Base realized in mixed Material with Metal Support. It is available in shiny or matt lacquered finish (Latte or Henne), or in Shiny Copper finish. Top in Extra Clear Transparent Glass available in either fixed or extensible version, or in Wood 40mm(1.6") thick with Tampered Edges 45° (bevel Wood ), available in Matte Lacquered Finish with Lacquered Glass upper top or in Henne Oakwood. - See more on the  Segno Table


Segno Dining Table



      Italian Pininfarina designs are bold, contemporary statements, designed to captivate attention while complementing the contemporary home. This statement piece is sure to achieve both. Striking Aenigma coffee table has an interlocking wenge finish chain-style base on which a crystal clear 12mm glass top beautifully sits. See more on the Aenigma Coffee Table





Italian Furniture - Segno Coffee Table



      Vela is a chair distinguished by a unique character, conceived for the most refined and elegant domestic spaces. The Pininfarina team has in fact worked to convey dynamic and sensual lines to the product, able to transmit a strong sense of lightness. Vela is made of two independent shells: the seatback shell has in fact been suspended on the seat shell. An accurate choice of the materials - smooth leather for the external shell and nabuk or leather for the interior - emphasizes the contrast among the surfaces. Strong is the link with the car bodies: the exterior, characterized by a plastic effect, communicates protection while the interior, softer, transmits a sense of comfort. The chair legs have been carefully designed: the smoothed section accentuates the combination of solidity and lightness, the features characterizing the product. See more on the Vela Chair



Italian Furniture - Vela Chair













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