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Making the Best of Spaces for the Youth with Tumidei


Italian-based furniture maker Tumidei sets a new milestone with Tiramolla, a “young design system” made for today’s active teens, set in various configurations that could be easily installed in one’s private sanctuary. This module is equipped with beds, wardrobe, shelves and a desk, attuned to new visual philosophies and movements in order to streamline one’s daily routines.



Different configurations, different modules – each is made to match personalities and needs. With innovative furniture placement and a vibrant splash of colour, Tiramolla is nothing less than visually pleasing. It is, however, ergonomically functional – the modules emphasize the need for focus, as well as providing a chance for the youth to express themselves in the smallest decorative detail.



Room profiles are considered for each configuration. One can smartly choose modules that fit their spaces to make use of every square meter in the wisest manner.

Configuration 327 is a brilliant module that puts together two beds, a desk, and a shelf-space in between. Bookish teens can enjoy sleeping near the shelf – one can just pull a book of their own liking before their slumbers. An extra bed is pulled out underneath, allowing another room owner to join in the fun. On the other side of the tall shelf sits a desk. This configuration also includes a two-door cabinet system and two wall shelves in which one can stash their favourite items on display.



Configuration 328 is a two-piece modular system equipped with a bed and a wardrobe. On the left side, two beds can be pulled out from the module; when not in use, the space becomes a useful cubicle in which the headboard is turned into a cushioned rest for seating. Three blocks of shelves can be utilized for storing one's essentials. On the other hand, the wardrobe system comes with four cabinets, a shelf space, and a desk.



With 50 years of brilliant designs under its belt, Tumidei is set to change the way we see rooms. Transcending from the floor space, the brand opens up new possibilities by playing with the height, offering a broader, more intelligent scale while utilising every space.


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