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Pininfarina Bedroom: A Rendition of Brilliant Ergonomics




A beautiful rendition of modern aesthetics and brilliant ergonomics, the Segno Bed invites you to chase after sweet dreams in the most opulent way possible. From the design studio Pininfarina, this curvy-shaped bed comes with a padded headboard and bed frame, coupling comfort with style. Its entirety is either wrapped in fabric or leather, suiting various degrees of colors and design philosophies to make your bedroom your one true sanctuary. 



Choose from velvet, CAT. C leather or super-extra fabric options. Adding delicate details is the quilted headboard in leather, providing the soft touch of textures through the grooves. Reflex extends its brilliance underneath; the bed is either supported by metal legs in 104M brass or in satin-finished titanium in 101M. With further thoughts to your overall well-being, orthopedic slats are included. Endowed with a rich brown tone, this bed can easily harmonize with any bedroom motif. Revel in its well-rounded edges, durable built and brilliant design, making sleep one of the best parts of your day.



Segno Nighstand - The classic color of white, seamlessly harmonizing with the tranquil corners of your bedroom. It accompanies you in your most intimate moments, helping you keep your necessities close by without the rustic look of old-fashioned drawers. 



Tallboy - Form, and function meets a bit of flair in Segno Settimanale. This offering from Moderne Living evokes and easy on the eye minimalist charm, thanks to its dapper rectangular shape and its vibrant white color. There is a sense of cleanness to it, easily noticed on its sturdy built-in either lacquered wood or oakwood.



Segno Dresser - Contemporary lines, a solid built, and true Italian craftsmanship in one interesting dresser. Segno Como from Reflect is an intelligent concoction of storage and fine aesthetics, made obvious with its wood-and-glass engineering, then topped off with three clean finishing options.



Made in Italy


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