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Tumidei Alcova Bed and Storage Solutions

Maximizing a small space often seemed like a venture with limited options. “Paint the room white,” designers would say, as light colours make the room look less cluttered, brighter. 
“Add mirrors,” to create an optical illusion of a bigger room. And, perhaps, last but not the least, “choose furniture wisely” – in many cases, only pick the ones that serve more than one function. Of course, when building a room, there are some luxuries you can't skimp on, and Tumidei, whose roots helm from Italy, understands the struggle. 
Space Saving Solutions” is the heart of their Alcova System, a bed and storage modular line that allows you to reconfigure your room in many uses. Two new concepts arrive in their intelligent library of furniture: the Alcova 255, and the Alcova 261. Both configurations exude contemporary elegance with a strong, functional use, providing the best possible use of space through transformation and storage. 


The starrer of this configuration is its wall bed units: comfortable mattresses that could be stored in the wall to keep out of way when not in use. Compared to the traditional Murphy bed, the Tumidei Alcove Bed comes with a 14-inch deep profile. When the bed opens, the gap between the back panel and the frame keeps all your pillows and sheets intact. The self-standing structure is framed with aluminum, finished off with epoxy-powder for durability and longevity. Inside, the beds come with a mechanism that helps users to spring it back into the wall. An optional addition: to protect the entire module from heat, water and dust, polyurethane resin can be glued to the edge borders. 


In Configuration 255, the bed turns into a hanging banquette, allowing extra space to be utilized on daytime. The bed's two end-legs are made of thin aluminum, offering durable support as you sleep minus the chunky appearance. 


In Configuration 261, the Alcova bed, when put away, turns into a cozy sofa for a small apartment. The hidden mattress blends seamlessly into the wall, allowing you to maximize your studio into a personal workroom. Upon the use of the bed, the sofa folds down into a support underneath; an intelligent way to transform two furniture in one action.


Users can customize their Alcova module. Choose from over 30 lacquer colours and 6 delightful wood option. Tumidei’s paints are water-based and non-toxic; it has been Tumidei’s goal to use the lowest formaldehyde emission possible, dropping at 0.01 ppm. In addition, all paints come with an antibacterial Silver Defense additive; this element is activated when a microorganism touches the silver ions on the wooden surface. As a result, the bacterial population exposed to the silver ions is reduced by almost 100% in just 24 hours. 
The beds also use eco-panels, utilizing post-recycled materials. They are resistant to scratch, dirt and extreme temperature. As an added option, users can ask for a polyurethane resin on the edge borders for an extra resistance against heat and water. 
Quality is the core of the Tumidei Group; their modules are 100% made in Italy, where experts supervise the in-house production to ensure best results. Tumidei also thrives with a heart for environmental responsibility; the brand boasts certifications from UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Their facility operates on more than 70% solar power and ensures that their materials comply with European regulations E1 class. The pigments they use are free from harmful carcinogens such as chrome, mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium.


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