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Product Details

Product #: 6783
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Product Description

FILIPH AIR, sofas with movable backrests. FILIPH transforms the way to experience your sofa, introducing innovative materials that capture your attention immediately. It’s distinguished by the lack of rigid division between right and left, front and back. The disposition of movable backrests is absolutely free and guarantees greatest comfort in your living space. The unique steel base of FILIPH AIR donates a great sense of lightness and elegance.

FILIPH Air: Winner of the 2018 Red Dot Award for Product Design

The award winning Filiph Air sofa from ArtNova is a uniquely beautiful product that exudes aspects of elegance and luxury while also remaining accessible and inviting to users. The Filiph Air incorporates impeccable aesthetic taste with lightness, simplicity, and spatial balance; consequently, it is immediately attractive to its viewers upon first glance. The sitting island base is equipped with MEMOSOFF technology, offering shape-retaining support and comfort. Inspired by airplanes, the sitting island’s modern, suspended look makes the sled bases nearly invisible as they are tucked underneath the island and disappear from view at many angles. The backrests have a soft geometric shape, resulting in the most sophisticated and clean looking sofa of today’s market.

The Filiph Air recently won the 2018 Red Dot Award for Product Design. This award was won primarily based on the movable backrest technology offered by ArtNova’s Filiph Air. The annually granted Red Dot Award is one of the most sought-after awards for good design and quality. It tracks the most prominent worldwide trends in design, including those of products, packaging, design concepts and prototypes, and communication projects. Since the award’s origination in 1955, the Red Dot for Product Design has been coveted across 48 different product categories. It is a tradition to honor winners like ArtNova at the awards ceremony, the Red Dot Gala. The Filiph Air will be displayed amongst others in the Red Dot Design Museums, the Online Presentation, and in the Red Dot Design Yearbook.

The most distinguishing feature of the Filiph Air is the movable backrests, an innovative and versatile design aspect that allows for full 360 degree seating. The sofa’s spacious island lends the ability to truly turn any room into a more dynamic and fully functional living area. Freely move the back rests in any direction and to any space on the island. Give yourself the support and comfort of the back rests’ slight trapezoidal shape, which offers the perfect degree of lower back support with a classic reclining comfort. The gripping material on the bottom of the backrests ensures that they will stay in place wherever you move them, without sliding around on the base. Use this technology to transform your everyday sofa into a chaise lounge, or perhaps to arrange your seating in accordance with the changing daylight.

The Red Dot Award-winning Filiph Air is luxurious and flexible, sophisticated and inviting, comfortable and sleek, fluid and modern. The Filiph Air makes a sublimely sophisticated and versatile addition to any sitting room.

Designer Information

The great sartorial experience and industrial precision describes the essential characteristics of ART NOVA, highlighting the quality and flexibility of production. Since 1976 creativity, style, and design define a “know-how” profile of the company. Art Nova is a worldwide privileged referent to exclusive show-rooms, but also a reliable partner in custom-made design projects.

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