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Product Details

Dimensions: -94.5 "W x 43.3 "D x 29.5 "H

-86.6 "W x 43.3 "D x 29.5 "H

-78.7 "W x 39.4 "D x 29.5 "H

-94.5 "W x 47.2 "D x 29.5 "H
Product #: 2011
Assembly required: Yes

Product Description

The Blow Table is a delicate looking but stout and tough glass work of art. Functional and beautiful, this table represents the perfect combination between modern design and traditional thinking. The expertise of the glass worker’s artistry, in particular, is very clear in the contemporary technique used to craft the legs.  

In this table, glass provides a rare and unusual value. Therefore, what you would normally consider to be delicate and extremely fragile has been used to provide the support for the entire table.

To this end, the Blow Table exudes great resistance and strength while the design matches the sense of lightness that will add that touch of pure class and elegance to your dining area.

- The Blow Table is iconic in design, what with the Murano-clear glass tables

- The top comes in extra-clear tempered glass that is 15 mm thick

- Every inch of the table exudes the grace of Italian furniture design 

- The legs are blown in Murano-glass, supporting the glass top 

- Although it looks and feels lightweight, it is deceptively sturdy and strong

Designer Information

Miniforms was born in Italy in the first 1970s as evolution of Inveta (Industria Veneta small tables), a company founded in year 1962 and producer of small tables and furnishing accessories. The end of the 1980s, Miniforms faces to the international market, expanding its production: are introduced the chairs, tables and bookcases, increasing the catalogue of new solutions for living. In year 2009 Mr. Luigi Bardini, Miniforms founder, sold the company to his son Mr. Alessandro, and Mr. Matteo and Mr. Mario, who now are investing in avant-garde production working with young talents of Italian design. The style to which inspires the company is close to the idea of a sober house, from authentic materials and in respect of the environment. The forms and colors are essential, clean and primary lines. The materials used range from solid wood to sheet steel, glass and aluminum, using environment compatible materials.

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