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Product Details

Dimensions: 3.9"DIA, 4.7"DIA, and 5.5"DIA
Product #: 7933
Assembly required: Yes

Product Description

Universal hanger and wall decor in many eye-catching colors and different sizes to form color patterns on the walls – can work as hangers or as color – decorations for walls. Welded and inflated in a way that allows small concavities on the surface that bring life to simple dots.

Designer Information

Our main goal is to deliver uniqueness and customization in design and construction while keeping the production, transport, and warehousing innovatively efficient. This is how we imagine the future world: Light, durable structures of customized applications produced on demand out of one-of-a-kind parts, yet efficiently. We use a computer-controlled production process. Customized pattern, customized form, customized function, one-of-a-kind product, and outstanding precision are what we deliver. You will find all of this philosophy reflected in our products. We research, we discover new possibilities, we play with forms and we deliver a beautiful, innovative, surprising outcome to people who love the design and who care about design development. We believe our work is a valuable contribution to the world of design not only by the unique beauty of our forms but most of all by opening ultra-innovative opportunities of forming and new paths for the world of the future.

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