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Product Details

Product #: 5416
Assembly required: Yes
Shipping: United States and International

Product Description

A piece of furniture with exotic charm, wild at heart and rigorous in form. The leather cladding, the handles with the same finish, the tailored stitching and the functional yet decorative clip to fasten the piece make it an accessory that brings style to every corner of the home.
When closed, it is secure and decorative; when open, it is ready to reveal its personality, down to the very last detail. Inside Bombay everything is in perfect order, stored safely within the drawers, lined up in the side doors or carefully arranged in the corresponding spaces
Openings allow you to access areas, enter atmospheres, and discover new and unexplored worlds. Openings may be physical, but also mental – in life, as in design. Designing hinges and handles means giving objects the opportunity to reveal themselves in their entirety, and people the chance to discover places in which to carefully store ideas and passions.

Designer Information

ALIVAR was established in 1984, inspired by the idea of re-enacting some of the masterpieces of modern furnishing and design history. But today ALIVAR is above all a dynamic company highly attentive to technological innovation and ongoing research in the design and architectural spheres, it has through time created collections such as Brilliant furniture and Home project, enhancing its production range with furnishings of minimalist design, expressed in the language of materials and colours. Featuring the purest and most minimal styling, with no excessive decorative elements, in which the focus is on practical functionality. Materials which are mixed and matched easily, enhancing each object with its own distinctive personality: with an accent on the quilted texture leather used for the seating and on the stainless steel used for the supporting frameworks. A truly modern and refined style, ideal for those who seek simplicity in all things, and those who consider the functionality of objects that surround him as being of primary importance.

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