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Product Details

Dimensions: OH Bed Size:
70.9"W x 84.7"D x 51.2"H
78.7"W x 84.7"D x 51.2"H
86.6"W x 84.7"D x 51.2"H

OH XL Bed Size:
120.9"W x 84.3"D x 51.6"H
128.8"W x 84.3"D x 51.6"H
136.6"W x 84.3"D x 51.6"H
Product #: 2287
Assembly required: Yes
Shipping: United States and International

Product Description

Exquisitely modern, elegant in comfort; Italian manufacturer Reflex gifts the dreamers with a visually striking bed in both style and ease. The gasp-worthy Oh Bed is beautifully constructed from an elegant wooden frame, then laden with the luxe finishes of either bronze, brass, dark brass, or titanium. Its expanded headboard charms at first sight, lovingly rendered in the quilted patterns embossed on its slightly padded material for an extra sense of cozy. This element is easily customizable; pick among a wide variety of leathers and fabrics and match it with a preferred pattern – from the dainty San Marco, the timeless Emerald, or the much more modern shapes of Fly. The wooden legs are tucked under the upholstered bed that impresses with a velvet touch. But the real secret lies at the headboard's seams. Activated through touch switch, LED lights shine along the clear lines. Night readers no longer have to struggle to keep their lamps on. At daytime, the LED around the bed light adds a handsome touch even to the barest rooms.

Designer Information

To give a new expression and a different meaning to the crystal industrial technology, Reflex was born more than twenty years ago with this ambitious aim. Through precious lessons deriving from the tradition of the family glassworks established in the 40s, the industrial glass, so charming with its linear essentiality, is enriched and warmed by shapes and colours that, although they are topical, always refer to the inexhaustible heritage of the Venetian handicraft, with intelligence and creativity, giving life to a product unique of its kind. This company, the first one that used the Murano massive glass as a base for its tables, has always been privileging the use high-quality materials, such as glass, marble, forged iron and wood, applying new contrasts and technological processes on the cutting edge, with a craft mastery.

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