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Product Details

Dimensions: Available Size:
Wing Door: 27.5"/31.4"/35.4"W x 82.6"/122"H
Double Wing Door: 55.1"/63"/70.9"W x 82.6"/122"H
Product #: 6900
Assembly required: Yes

Product Description

Doga reinvents the very concept of wall cladding, in a more amplified and contemporary way. Not just panels to cover a wall, but rather a real stylish elements able to give true life to the character and personality of a space. The vertical slats, features of the Doga solution, create light and depth games. The system is complemented by hinged or sliding doors, as door closers, and has integrated layout for TV, mobile TV, and shelves. An irreplaceable protagonist of the living area of your home.

Designer Information

Res Italia has designed and produced doors and systems since 1962. Enrico Santambrogio established the company in a productive and constantly improving contest, which is how the Made in Italy style was brought all over the world. With headquarters in Seregno, Res shows its collection of interior doors everywhere, succeeding in establishing itself in Italy and then expanding to other countries. During the years, Res has carried the collections of doors and systems inside the prestigious offices of Estée Lauder Cosmetics in New York, in the housing complex Palais Liegi in Rome, in the Belstaff location of Mogliano Veneto, in the Hotel Conservatorium in Amsterdam and in the offices of the luxury fashion brand Giada in China.

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