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Product Details

Dimensions: Single Mirror
36,6” W x 82,7” H

Left or right single element.
31,3” W x 82,7” H

Central element.
26” W x 82,7” H

Wall-mirror composed by 3 elements.
90,5” W x 82,7” H
Product #: 2511
Assembly required: Yes

Product Description

If you are out looking for a mirror that will add a hint of class, elegance, and beauty to your rooms without ruining your current décor theme, then you should consider the Look at Me mirror.

Every space, for instance, will allow this mirror to show through with that distinct style that is consistent with your ideas of beauty. What is more, the wide variety of materials available means you can choose the mirror that best matches your interiors. 

In particular, the mirror will always showcase the intrinsic qualities that display across its path – but in a clear, and almost lifelike experience. This is why it is often described as the mirror of the mighty and elegant. If you are in need of getting something to make you interior décor much more modern, get the Look at Me mirror.

- The mirror is rectangular and properly framed

- It comes in cast aluminum, which has been hand-decorated

- The Look at Me mirror is available in 3 different styles

Designer Information

Alivar was established in 1984. Featuring the purest and most minimal styling in which the focus is on practical functionality, materials are mixed and matched, enhancing each object with its own distinctive personality. A truly modern and refined style, ideal for those who seek simplicity in all things.

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