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Product Details

Dimensions: -59.1 "W x 0.5 "D x 39.4 "H

-78.7 "W x 0.5 "D x 39.4 "H

-55.1 "W x 0.5 "D x 35.4 "H

-43.3 "W x 0.5 "D x 43.3 "H
Product #: 2021
Assembly required: Yes

Product Description

The Madame Mirror boasts classic flowery frames. However, this should never fool you. In every sense of the word, the mirror is crafted using ultramodern materials with the hyper-technological processes of modern living.

The frame, in particular, is of superior mirror steel sheet, which means that the mirror comes with superb reflecting powers. On the other hand, the last cut technique is crafted for the fashion and inferior design industries. 

The Madame, therefore, is a mirror of good charms. You can even tweak it to obtain precise edges without flaws. What is more, you will certainly enjoy the art of embroidery. 

Different in all sorts of way, this vibrant mirror comes with amazingly sleek shapes that will stand out alongside the clean, smooth, and soft looks.

- The Madame Mirror is oval in shape

- The framed stainless steel is a superior laser cut

- Each package comes with a stainless still super mirror frame

Designer Information

Miniforms was born in Italy in the first 1970s as evolution of Inveta (Industria Veneta small tables), a company founded in year 1962 and producer of small tables and furnishing accessories. The end of the 1980s, Miniforms faces to the international market, expanding its production: are introduced the chairs, tables and bookcases, increasing the catalogue of new solutions for living. In year 2009 Mr. Luigi Bardini, Miniforms founder, sold the company to his son Mr. Alessandro, and Mr. Matteo and Mr. Mario, who now are investing in avant-garde production working with young talents of Italian design. The style to which inspires the company is close to the idea of a sober house, from authentic materials and in respect of the environment. The forms and colors are essential, clean and primary lines. The materials used range from solid wood to sheet steel, glass and aluminum, using environment compatible materials.

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