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Product Details

Dimensions: 38.6" W x 3.6" D x 38.6" H
38.6" W x 3.6" D x 77" H
Product #: 1232
Assembly required: Yes

Product Description

The Autostima Mirror by Tonelli is a contemporary mirror created by Giovanni Tommaso. It combines large panels of glass set at different angles to provide that rare quality that is famously Italian in design. 

Available in two sizes, you can get the Grande (rectangular) or the piccolo (square) type. Irrespective of your choice, this mirror provides a great surface set at alternate inclinations to provide you with both form and function.  

Additionally, this mirror will play with the effects angled mirrors have on light and the images they mirror. Therefore, whether you place your Autostima Mirror vertically or horizontally, it will still effectively double up as a piece of art and as a utilitarian mirror that will distort all images in its view.

- The Autostima Mirror is self-standing and does not require mounting

- It is convex and concave in structure set in black painted metal 

- The unusual façade will captivate everyone who observes the Autostima

Designer Information

Tonelli manufactures furnishing items and designer objects in glass. The company was founded in the mid-1980s and is the result of a deep and lasting passion for research and experimentation. Tradition and technology have been brought together to forge a company philosophy, the very heart of which is based on the value given to design, and therefore, to the designer, when it comes to enhancing the characteristics of this unique element: glass.

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