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Product Details

Product #: 8002
Assembly required: Yes

Product Description

TRIPLO system, designed by Giuseppe Dell'Orto, satisfies these needs, combining containers, bookcases, and boiserie to obtain a tailor-made project. But the soul of the TRIPLO system is represented by the combination of technology and innovative design. This extreme flexibility applied to the project can accommodate and hide the most sophisticated audio and video devices, to offer a unique solution for your living. The soul of TRIPLO is represented by a combination of technology and design. The space of the wall donates new feelings and emotions thanks to the discreet presence of the audio system and hidden movie projection screen. The beauty is designed for you only. For your home. For your pleasure. Matter, passion, and design

Designer Information

Turati T4 began business in the 1960s, in an area called Brianza, about 20 km north of Milan; where many of Italy’s major furniture manufacturers are located. In 1990, in conjunction with architect Martino Perego, the TRIPLO program saw the light. This was distinguished by strong compositional flexibility to cater to the needs of designers and interior decorators. It is in recent years that the product identity has become increasingly more associated with technological innovation interpreting the requirements of home living areas.

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