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Product Details

Dimensions: When closed: 47.2"W x 29.5"D x 9.8"
When Open: 47.2"/66.9"/86.6"W x 29.5"D x 9.8"-33"H
Product #: 6627
Assembly required: Yes

Product Description

Sleek in form, smooth in touch. Box is a decadent new offering from Ozzio Italia, primarily shaped in a simple, rectangular piece, providing spaces with a clean look. The coffee table easily captures one's attention, seamlessly blending into the space with its basic form that can be embellished with other silhouettes. But the table is more than its appearance; endowed with a transformable mechanism, the Box is one of Studio Ozetta's beloved offerings, as it brilliantly expands to a 2.2m-long dining table, accommodating 10 people in its broad space. To make the transformation, activate its gas lift mechanism that raises the table to a comfortable height - somewhere in between 25 cm to 84 cm, as you prefer. Once set, pull out one end to reveal the shocking secret; inside the seemingly simple table are two 50 cm extensions. Perch them along the gap and voila! A dining table fit for a crowd. When transforming it back to its original state, reverse the process, and safely lodge your coffee table back into the living room. Find Ozzio Box in several lacquered glass colours, pyro-ceramic glass or the new mark-less glass options. Four wheels are lodged at each end, making it easy to move around the house.

Designer Information

Ozzio Italia started in 1961, in the cradle of Italian design excellence. In the artisan workshop of the Pozzoli Family, quality was the first value. The collaboration with Italian and worldwide designers is fundamental to Ozzio's philosophy: reinvent modern living, defined by ever-shrinking spaces. And thus creating transformable and multifunctional pieces of furniture, with multiple intended uses.

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