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Domus Arte - Living Room #2

Product Details

Dimensions: Vega 2 – SG/12. Solid oak storage cupboard with 3 doors and single glass door (right).
44.1"W x 18.1"D x 66.9"H

Big Tower – SC/06. Solid oak column
23.6"W x 18.1"D x 78.0"H

Seven – SC/07. Solid oak vertical wall column.
18.1"W x 13.0"D x 55.1"H

Seven – SM/05. Solid oak TV stand with Murano artistic glass.
70.9"W x 18.1"D x 21.1"H

Little – ST/12. Solid oak coffee table with extractable shelf.
47.2"W x 27.6"D x 15.7"H

Andromeda – SC/09. Solid oak with glass shelf
59.1"W x 8.7"D x 6.5"H
Product #: 2075

Product Description

Designer: Alberto Florian
Domus Arte's ultimate designer solution for home storage and display will create a seamless finish in your living room or lounge. Comprising the Vega 2 storage cupboard with 3 doors, Display tower, Seven vertical wall column, Seven TV stand with Murano artistic glass, Little coffee table with extractable shelf, and Andromeda shelf.

Designer Information

Italian designers, Domus Arte instill freshness and vibrancy in their work, creating collections that combine modern elegance with clean, essential lines. Using 100 per cent oak with glass shelving and doors, Domus Arte fuse harmonious materials to create designs for the contemporary home. Giving you the freedom to add your own design flair to the collection, this range is easily tailored to your tastes with books, lighting decor and ornaments of your choice.

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