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Gurian - Open Space Sofa or Sectional

Product Details

Product #: 3229

Product Description

Gurian's sectional sofa is an elegant balance of contemporary style, with smooth and simple lines. Envisioned to offer a space for retreat, relaxation and supreme comfort, the sectional can be configured to suit your home, making it versatile and adaptable. Generous proportions ensures the sofa or sectional will be a center-point for social occasions and gatherings, while its fabric or leather finishes in grays and whites allows you to customize Gurian's sectional for your home.

Designer Information

Constant research. Since 1965 GURIAN engaged itself in continuing research for quality and functionality, with open eyes over the market’s changing. A progress of growth that has produced a constant offers renewal with great attention to design, succeeding in best interpreting contemporary life styles.

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