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Tumidei - Tiramolla Configuration 302

Product Details

Dimensions: 123"W x 116.5"D x 78"H
312,6cm W x 296,2cm D x 198,4cm H
Product #: 5203
Assembly required: Yes

Product Description

Digital natives, naturally social, instinctively globe-trotters: this is the new-millennium youngsters’ style. They need dynamic spaces, always connected and designed for the absolute freedom. Tiramolla is the answer: a project able to always be in line with the times and able to change itself following different tastes and needs. Style is all to be invented: Nordic minimal, romantic décor, contemporary urban. One world, many different styles.

Designer Information

Born in 1958 in Predappio di Romagna, Tumidei spa has over 50 years of experience. During this time people all over the world have radically changed their idea of home, family life and, as a consequence, interior design. The continuous search of the most sophisticated consumer driven solutions for interior design, represents one of Tumidei’s success factors and the motivation for the Company’s thoughtful and consistent growth. Tumidei is now a modernly equipped business with ca. 100 employees and 20.000 m² facilities, which is able to manage the production chain at best, guaranteeing the product’s best quality. Tumidei is a UNI EN ISO 9001 (quality) ISO 14001 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (security) certified Company.

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